West Virginia Statewide Beer & Wine Distributors

The WV Beer & Wine Association represents 26 of our state’s beer and wine distributors who employ 1000+ WVians and have a presence in all 55 counties.


West Virginia beer distributors are, in various ways, an agent of the state in the oversight of the supply, distribution and retail sale of beer in West Virginia.


Learn about the people behind WV Beer and Wine Association.


After the repeal of prohibition, states needed a way to provide alcohol to the public in a safer and more responsible manner so the three-tier system of regulation – and the integral tier of beer distributors – was developed.

Other Resources

Learn more about West Virginia’s alcohol beverage control administration, tax department, legislature, National Beer Wholesalers Association, Center for Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Law Review and Brewers Association.

300 Summers St. #980

Charleston, WV 25301

P: 304.342.1891

F: 304.342.1893

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It’s that special time of year when you can enjoy the NFL playoffs and the basketball season is getting into full swing. It’s hard to imagine two special athletes like this can come out of the same high school in WV. Cheers to Randy and Jason and the shows they put on for us! https://t.co/WtWnCdUqi0
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @rex_rexchapman
Randy Moss & Jason Williams, y’all... https://t.co/tHYAYSyQmB

We may not have a pro team in WV, but we are rabid football fans and all have favorites. We are happy to be getting beer delivered to all of those fans, so they have what they want when they want it. Cheers to the playoffs! https://t.co/W31PFPSzKs

Your local beer distributors in West Virginia are still hard at work on this last day of 2018 ensuring your beer needs are taken care of for tonight’s celebrations across the state. Your friends at the WVBWA and it’s family-owned distributorships wish you a Happy New Year! https://t.co/fwDmwT3ZWR WVBWA1 photo

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