West Virginia Statewide Beer & Wine Distributors


The WV Beer Wholesalers Association represents 27 of our state’s beer and wine distributors who employ 1000+ West Virginians and have a presence in all 55 counties.


West Virginia beer distributors are, in various ways, an agent of the state in the oversight of the supply, distribution and retail sale of beer in West Virginia.


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WV Beer Wholesalers Association.


After the repeal of prohibition, states needed a way to provide alcohol to the public in a safer and more responsible manner so the three-tier system of regulation – and the integral tier of beer distributors – was developed.

Other Resources

Learn more about West Virginia’s alcohol beverage control administration, tax department, legislature, National Beer Wholesalers Association, Center for Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Law Review and Brewers Association.

300 Summers St. #980

Charleston, WV 25301

P: 304.342.1891

F: 304.342.1893

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Your local WV Beer Distributor, delivering your favorite beer while promoting @WVtourism #Beerstothat https://t.co/vONU5h0QF2 WVBWA1 photo
The weekend is here and it’s going to be a hot one. Your local WV beer distributor is out making sure the coolers are fully stocked. You can be sure you will find your favorite beer nearby.
Cheers to the locals who make it all happen. #BeersToThat https://t.co/1cb4YlWpfh
WVBWA1 photo
Don’t be fooled, your local WV beer distributor and their loyal, hard-working employees are out in full force this morning stocking up for the weekend.

You will have access to your favorite beer when and where you want it.

Cheers to the weekend! #BeersToThat https://t.co/y6KglRvtAD
WVBWA1 photo
Your local WV beer distributor has the cooler stocked full of whatever kind of beer you want to turn green on this St. Patrick’s Day.

“May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
who says, 'this drink's on me.'"


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